Nuclear Time Bomb

A work of fiction

After umpteen iterations, Nuclear Time Bomb is ready for beta readers to review and provide me with comments. It is scheduled to go into editing so I would appreciate input from anyone interested in doing so.

NUCLEAR TIME BOMB (108,000 words) is a thriller that weaves national headlines about the PUREX Tunnel collapse at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hanford nuclear site into a tale of murder, deceit, and corruption.  Dr. Essie Openwaters, the twenty-one-year-old Kootenai Indian protagonist, struggles against conflicting bureaucracies within the U.S. Department of Energy and the State of Washington in a race to stop the detonation of a hidden nuclear time bomb.

Childhood scars born of bigotry and hatred make Essie unable to trust others and prevent her from being a team player. But teamwork is a job requirement in her new national laboratory position. As Essie struggles with inner demons to succeed at her job, her life is turned upside down by her discovery of a fifty-year-old memo she stumbled upon in a surplus Atomic Energy Commission desk she was refinishing.

The memo warns of unstable chemicals and intensely radioactive materials that an incompetent PUREX supervisor improperly placed in Hanford’s PUREX Tunnel 1. Once disturbed, those materials will kill thousands of people and will render ten-thousand square miles of Eastern Washington unusable for at least a century. Essie’s covert investigation into the memo uncovers multiple murders, weapons-grade plutonium theft, and webs of government and corporate corruption all orchestrated by Ty Rettig, a psychopathic senior federal official committed to stopping Essie at any cost.

NUCLEAR TIME BOMB is a roller coaster of twisting and turning plots as Essie takes on everything that the Washington DC establishment and corrupt corporations can use to attack her while struggling to protect people from a nuclear time bomb whose existence she has been ordered by the White House not to disclose.

Note that while this is a work of fiction, the Hanford Site and the PUREX Tunnels are real, the latter having made the national news several times during the past couple of years due to the partial collapse of PUREX Tunnel 1 and fears of radiation releases.

Please contact me if you are interested. It will provide you with an entertaining alternative to sitting alone in your pajamas watching television.


The PUREX Tunnels

The PUREX Tunnels at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hanford Site in eastern Washington have made the national news several times over the past 18 months due to a partial collapse of Tunnel One and steam escaping from Tunnel Two.

A 108,000-word techno-thriller novel currently in editing, Nuclear Time Bomb, weaves current and historical facts with fiction to create a web of murder, government cover up, and the unsuspecting residents of three Pacific Northwest cities being at dire risk.

PUREX LEAK is the prequel to Nuclear Time Bomb.

PUREX LEAK is a 31,000-word novella set in 1965 that tells the back story leading to Dr. Essie Openwaters finding a memo that alerts her to the pending explosion in PUREX Tunnel 1 due to the government cover-up of a leak in PUREX Q-Cell.