I am currently writing a novella and two novels, all works of fiction. Well, the US Department of Energy Hanford Site is real, as are the PUREX Plant and PUREX Tunnels, but the stories are fiction.

The following is intended to assist you in understanding how the novella and two novels relate to each other. Over the next several days, I will also provide you with insights into the key characters.

Nuclear Nightmare: PUREX Leak is a 40,000-word novella. I anticipate publishing it on Amazon this fall following editing. It tells the story of how an accident during a test of a new system at the PUREX Plant in 1965 resulted in a government cover-up that hid the existence of a nuclear time bomb hidden in Hanford PUREX Tunnel 1. Craig Campbell, a brilliant young chemical engineer dealing with sexuality issues, discovers the cover-up, documents it in an “eyes-only” memo to the plant manager. He hides a copy out of fear that the memo will be ignored. It is a techno-thriller complete with murder, corruption, and intrigue.

Nuclear Time Bomb is a 110,000-word novel that is complete other than final editing (I am currently weighing whether to self-publish or publish using traditional means.) It relates how a twenty-two-year-old newly hired female research scientist struggles with inner demons that threaten her career. Raised in poverty by her Native American father in a bigoted North Idaho town, Essie Openwaters suffers from trust issues that keep her from being a team player. Her struggles intensify when she finds a memo hidden in a surplus Atomic Energy Commission oak desk that she was refinishing in her home. The memo warns of the nuclear time bomb that was hidden 50 years earlier in PUREX Tunnel 1 (Nuclear Nightmare: PUREX Leak). Distrusting the US Department of Energy officials at Hanford Site, Essie pits herself against the evil former Atomic Energy Commission official that covered up the time bomb, elite assassins he sends to murder her, and state and federal bureaucracies. Her goal is to protect a quarter-million lives and thousands of square miles of prime agricultural land from a nuclear catastrophe. It is also a techno-thriller laced with murder, corruption, and intrigue.

Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb is a100,000-word novel that is approximately seventy percent complete. Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb continues the saga of Dr. Essie Openwaters, who has resigned from her position at the national laboratory to become a federal agent reporting to the Secretary of Energy. Essie is charged with recovering weapons-grade plutonium stolen from the Savannah River Site in South Carolina, unaware that the plutonium has been sold on the black market for use against the United States by a rogue organization. As with the first two manuscripts, Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb is a techno-thriller replete with murder, corruption, and intrigue.

Stay tuned–more to come.

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