The PUREX Tunnels

The PUREX Tunnels at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hanford Site in eastern Washington have made the national news several times over the past 18 months due to a partial collapse of Tunnel One and steam escaping from Tunnel Two.

A 108,000-word techno-thriller novel currently in editing, Nuclear Time Bomb, weaves current and historical facts with fiction to create a web of murder, government cover up, and the unsuspecting residents of three Pacific Northwest cities being at dire risk.

PUREX LEAK is the prequel to Nuclear Time Bomb.

PUREX LEAK is a 31,000-word novella set in 1965 that tells the back story leading to Dr. Essie Openwaters finding a memo that alerts her to the pending explosion in PUREX Tunnel 1 due to the government cover-up of a leak in PUREX Q-Cell.

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