NUCLEAR TIME BOMB, published on Amazon June 2021, is my first novel and I worked on it several years as I worked on technique, paid for numerous editors, and read multiple books about writing fiction. Despite thousands of dollars on editors, readers have found mistakes. Consequently, I am going back through it, literally word by word out loud, checking for missing words, unnecessary punctuation, opportunities to improve showing rather than telling, and tightening up the story. BTW, the readers liked the story and reviews were good.

As I went through it, I was struck by several reviewer comments along the line of “this isn’t typically the type of book I read but I enjoyed the story, the twists and turns, and it kept me turning pages.”

I asked myself it wasn’t the type of book they would normally read and concluded two things. First, nuclear isn’t such a hot topic these days. Second, the cover is too busy.

So, I am contemplating changing the title to something more mainstream and changing the cover to something that captures the essence of the story. After playing with a number of possible titles and covers I am testing this. MALICIOUS DECEPTION.

Let me know what you think. Stay tuned and, as always, stay safe.

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