Nuclear Nightmare: PUREX Leak — Introducing Craig Campbell

I anticipate publishing Nuclear Nightmare: PUREX Leak, as an Amazon Kindle novella in December 2020. I think it’s time to start introducing you to some of its key characters.

I’ll begin with Craig Campbell even though the first chapter of the manuscript features Ty Rettig, the antagonist.

But it is Craig Campbell who sets the intrigue in motion.

Craig Campbell is a loner because he believes that he has to be. At thirty-two years old, he has never had a sexual relationship with anyone. Craig fears that he may be gay and in 1965, a gay relationship would end his career as the chief chemical engineer at the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission’s top-secret PUREX Plant. That is the facility where weapons-grade plutonium is produced.

When Craig discovers a horrible mistake that his supervisor (Sam Ackerman) made while Craig was hospitalized, Craig documents his fears in a memo to Al Rutgers, the PUREX Plant Manager. That memo warns of a nuclear timebomb being formed inside PUREX Tunnel 1 due to unstable chemicals in the highly radioactive materials that Ackerman had placed in the tunnel to hide his errors. That memo triggers a government coverup and a cascade of murders.

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