Malicious Deception

MALICIOUS DECEPTION is essentially complete. It goes to the copy editor on February 25th, to the proofreader the first week of April, and to Amazon for publishing on June 1st. It is a total remake of NUCLEAR TIME BOMB that moves faster, is more engaging, has less technogobble, and enhances Dr. Essie Openwaters’ challenges and personality.

Twenty-one-year-old Essie Openwaters armed with two PhDs from Stanford (chemical engineering and earth sciences) starts her dream job as a research scientist at a national laboratory only to find her childhood demons keep her from being a team player and threaten her job. When she finds a fifty-year-old memo carefully hidden in a surplus US Atomic Energy Commission desk she was refinishing, her attempt to validate it lead her into dark world of Ty Rettig, a psychopathic billionaire with secrets to protect.

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