Ho Hum

My wife and I are snuggled up like the proverbial bugs in a rug at our new home in Arizona. We purchased this house both for its breathtaking views and to interact with the enjoyable people who share our new neighborhood. This is, without question, the friendliest place we have ever resided.

It is a place where social calendars fill immediately leaving you to scratch your head deciding which events to attend and which must be sadly missed–there is only so much time in a day. It is a place where strangers wave to each other when passing on streets, where each small neighborhood has a park that hosts social events, where resident who enter the local cocktail lounges or restaurants are greeted by others, some they know and others who are interested in getting to make new friends.

It is also a place where the coronavirus slammed the brakes on what had been a lovely way to live last March.

Now isolated from the world within our small slice of Heaven, I have found time to work on my novels and novella. My wife sits at her desk in an adjoining room where she has learned several new computer languages, completed a number of artificial intelligence courses, and started building android apps. She’s quite brilliant.

We have also transitioned from dining out nearly every night to a new era of fending for ourselves in the kitchen. There we have come to learn that, in general, our home-cooked creations taste better and are more healthy than our former fare.

As you may have read, Arizona has now become a hot spot for COVID-19. The disease continues to spread exponentially as I write this. Some attribute its uncontrolled growth during the month of June to a lack of action by the state government. Others attribute it to the lax attitudes of some residents. I really don’t know. Perhaps Arizona simply provides a good host environment for the spread of the nasty virus.

Without delving into politics or finger-pointing, COVID-19 does raise a question in my mind.

It’s a simple question that I will not attempt to answer since I am an engineer with no training in medicine or psychology.

My question is, why so many people in this state have apparently decided not to take COVID-19 seriously.

I am sure that this pandemic will give birth to multiple works of science, history, and fiction. I hope that at least one of them gives me insights into my question.

Ho hum. Back to editing the novella.

Until next time.

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