Eyes Have It

I’m headed to a retinal surgeon today to remove the vitreous fluid in my left eye and replace it with saline. This will be the fifth operation on that eye since February when I had a cataract removed and multifocal lens implanted. Think twice about the multifocal lenses. They sound good–on paper. Yet my surgeon, who has performed over 100,000 cataract surgeries, told me that complications occur in three-quarters of the cases with the multifocal lenses. No so with the standard fixed vision lens. So far this year they removed the cataract, used a laser to fry a few blood vessels near the optic nerve, performed YAG laser surgery to burn a hole through the membrane behind the new lens, and performed lasik–all on the left eye since February.

Nothing–so far–has corrected the cloudy vision that occurred after the multifocal lens was implanted. Hopefully today’s surgery to replace the vitreous will fix that issue. Time will tell. In any event, think twice about multifocal cataract lenses. Not all that glitters is gold.

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