Malicious Deception

I released Malicious Deception, an Essie Openwaters Mystery Thriller novel, in April. I had a promotion run on April 21st on Freebooksy and twenty-two hundred copies were downloaded from Amazon on the 21st and 22nd. The biggest issue is getting sufficient written reviews on Amazon and Goodreads so I republished the book last week with a request at the end for reviews and had Amazon push messages to anyone who had an ebook copy to download the update. The written reviews received to date have exceeded my expectations but more are needed.Meanwhile, I am busy incorporating developmental editor comments into Stratagem, the sequel to Malicious Deception. Some sample reviews of Malicious Deception on Amazon are pasted below.

Kristi K5.0 out of 5 stars 50 years of deception and greed net the reader a twisted path of reading enjoyment. Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2022Verified Purchase First, I am familiar with this work in an earlier version. This iteration is tighter, more exciting and polished with deeper revelation of character through the developing story and…it is more fun to read.
W. M. Hewitt’s Malicious Deception, seamlessly weaves dangerous cold war era fears and nuclear hazards frosted with avarice with a brilliant young scientist’s personal and professional struggles as she attempts to distill and, finally, crack an orchestrated 50 years of structured manipulation of the facts and the system. The author’s background in the nuclear industry, professional work experience with the DOE and, his firsthand knowledge and experience with the bureaucracy above, coupled with his knowledge of: the Tri-City area of Washington state AND his extended living in and near Washington, DC provide him with accurate, intelligent and interesting details which help a nonscientist to easily navigate what could be, at times, technically complex “stuff”. Instead, his background provides him with more variations to the mix of colors in our palette of an even broader reading experience. The main character reveals ever increasing capacities that are revealed through exciting yet believable incidents. As the story advances, the overall pace quickens and the stakes increase as the enemy continues to blunt her attempts to use the legal system and the bureaucratic structure to “stop the madness”. Besides Dr. Essie Openwaters’ mental/scientific acumen and spiritual toughness, her opponents also discover that she possesses a large arsenal of physical skills and survival knowledge that continue to flummox them and, yes, there is blood that is spilled in the Idaho wilderness. The book is an increasingly complex thriller that is crafted to take you just to the brink of a seeming resolution until the author reveals yet another facet of the WHOLE story. It is, by way of simile, like the Long Beach Gran Prix where things advance at quick yet differing speeds, corners are turned sometimes extremely fast and sometimes very gradually yet, at all times, the “characters” are all headed toward the same finish line of the same race, however, all the drivers possess different skill sets, experiences and equipment. Hewitt puts us “in” the race…to the finish. Since he has crafted a wonderful array of supporting characters he has assured himself a deep bench for the further adventures of (spoiler alert!!!) AGENT Essie Openwaters. Yes, there is a “hook” to the final resolution which is well plotted and delivered with the author’s assurance that she will return ….a fun and quick read.

Tim Kupla.

Volkmar Weissig5.0 out of 5 stars Breath-taking technothriller Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2022Verified Purchase The chance discovery of a 50-year-old memo hidden inside an old government surplus oak desk dramatically changed the life trajectory of Dr. Essie Openwater from wanting to become an established well-respected scientist to somebody she was never even dreaming of before. Reading this old memo put the chills down her spine realizing that the entire Pacific Northwest was on the brink of a devastating nuclear disaster. Unable to let go, obsessed by trying to avoid this catastrophic event, she put herself into the crosshair of a psychopathic murderer possessing seemingly unsurmountable powers bestowed upon him by the federal government. With every chapter the author succeeds in building up the level of suspense, with the true meaning of the books title, “Malicious Deception” only unraveling at the almost very end of this fast-paced and pulse-pounding technothriller. It feels like a big relieve to finally learn what the malicious deception was actually all about, and it was not what one would have expected when following the protagonist’s breathtaking journey through a mind-boggling web of secrecy, deceit and murder. The entire story is brilliantly written and the use of unique humorous figures of speech boost the pleasure of reading it. With Essie Openwater the author, W. Michael Hewitt has created a fascinating protagonist whose future adventures should be eagerly looked forward to.
Volkmar Weissig

Heather M. Genevieve5.0 out of 5 stars Fast-paced, smart, and way too plausible for comfort Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2022 Not my normal genre, but I was intrigued by the premise. The idea of a multi-level cover-up once seemed crazy to me, but these days…not so much. Put the right people in the right positions, “manage” those who might squeal… it’s not as far-fetched as I once imagined. The author’s familiarity with the field lends further credibility, and one is left wondering if this work of fiction may one day prove prescient.

Stay tuned and, as always, stay safe.