I’ve been busy updating STRATAGEM in between packing boxes and signing papers (we move next week. It’s incredible how much stuff two people can accumulate). The story is written and it flows well. I’ve been trying to cut below 90,000 words. It was at 118,000 and is currently at 92,500. I’ve also been tuning the key turning points. It heads for the developmental editor in less than 3 weeks and I want to get as much bang for the buck as I can for a three grand edit.


I published NUCLEAR TIME BOMB on Amazon on June 25, 2021. It is available in Kindle and paperback form.

Nuclear Time Bomb is a 96,000-word thriller that pits 21-year-old Dr. Essie Openwaters, a recent Stanford graduate with dual PhDs, against Ty Rettig, a billionaire psychopathic killer whose secrets Essie is inadvertently uncovering.

Raised by her Kootenai Indian father to distrust others in a town bigoted against her, Essie struggles to succeed at her new research scientist job where teamwork is prerequisite. She discovers a 50-year-old memo written on Atomic Energy Commission stationary hidden in a surplus AEC desk. Her inquiries into the memo are reported to Ty Rettig, Undersecretary of Homeland Security, who thought he destroyed the only copy of the memo decades before.

Convinced of the memo’s veracity, Essie ignores a series of threats and soon finds herself the target of multiple assassination attempts. Her life changes when her boss introduces her to an old classmate, currently serving as the National Security Advisor, which leads to Essie supporting the Secretary of Energy in a secret campaign to stop the bomb from devastating part of the Pacific Northwest.

Essie battles government bureaucracy, corrupt government officials, and Rettig’s agents in a race against time.

Nuclear Time Bomb is a story of love, hate, survival, and Essie discovering who she is. Nuclear Time Bomb is the first in a series of Essie Openwaters techno-thriller novels. The second in the series, Stratagem, is under beta review and will be published in 2022.

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